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    We hope U survive in Baltimore Mongrel


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    We hope U survive in Baltimore Mongrel

    Post  Pky6471 on Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:10 pm


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    Re: We hope U survive in Baltimore Mongrel

    Post  Mongrel on Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:28 pm

    I thank you for your kindly concern. As of the moment, the missus and I are safely ensconced in our modest split level hut on 1/3 acre a scant half mile north from the Baltimore City line and about five miles northeast from Ground Zero. Since I do not have any ammunition for my 1943 Lee Enfield which is a sniper quality long rifle that did yeoman duty in WWII and Afghanistan and countless other global skirmishes, I have not ventured south seeking high ground hides to keep quell the disturbances. I am thinking about going to the nearest Dick's Sporting Goods to procure a decent .12 gauge semi-auto shotgun and several boxes of buckshot. Nothing like a scattergun in case the chimps decide to come down my cul-de-sac.

    I have to admit that it is making for some compelling TV. Thankfully all the courses we play are north of the Beltway.

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