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    Phil couldn't have done much better


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    Phil couldn't have done much better Empty Phil couldn't have done much better

    Post  FamousDavis on Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:38 am

    I was sad to see Phil shoot 6 under and come away with a 2nd place finish at The Open. Stenson was incredible. 8 under in the final round on THAT course! From those tees I don't think I'd break 100 at that course. I'm an 8 handicap right now (disappointed) and I really don't think I could shoot under 100. I forgot the name they use to describe that nasty brush, but it's everywhere on the course. I love the one bunker on that short par 3 they refer to as the coffin. Before today's round I thought that 3 under would win it. That was some amazing golf to watch. It really is amazing to think about how much better these guys are than amateurs with a +3 handicap. When I was a member at a country club there was one guy who had played on the tour for a year who was a +3. He regained his amateur status and won pretty much every city tournament in sight, including our club championship over and over. Yet, this guy had no chance on tour. I honestly don't understand how Stenson could have shot 8 under on the final day at that course, when his first major was on the line. I get nervous in our team matches against other men's clubs. I don't know how these guys do it.

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    Phil couldn't have done much better Empty Re: Phil couldn't have done much better

    Post  Mongrel on Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:23 am

    The Scots call that bush "gorse", an ancient Anglo-Saxonism that originally referred to the thick tangled webs that characterised Neanderthal women's pubic hair. Later on, another Scottish term for same became "sporan" as in the patch of fur with which the male Scots adorn their skirts. And by the way congrats to Henrik who I have been rooting for in every major. He used to have Fanny carry his bag. Worked for Faldo.

    I happened to be eavesdropping around the Royal Troon and heard the latest making its way through the ether and from mouths to ears in the UK. "What's the difference between a bucket of shite and the Koran?" Answer: "The bucket". You can substitute lots of stuff for the koran including Hilary Clinton, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, Obama, Soros, John Kerry, Paul Ryan, ESPN, ad infinitum. Cheers. Skoal. Whatever.

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