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    Winter arrives two weeks early in New England.


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    Winter arrives two weeks early in New England.

    Post  trombettista_vecchio on Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:50 pm

    Well, that was another eighteen afternoons and evenings of my life completely wasted.

    Our O-line shouldn't be allowed on the plane home. Were I one of them, any trace of decency remaining in me would mandate me to slit my wrists.

    My language skills are inadequate to express the disgust that I feel at this moment.

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    Re: Winter arrives two weeks early in New England.

    Post  Mongrel on Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:04 pm

    A guy I work with at the Local Government Office is a draftsman and sports junkie. He said Friday before they let us off early for the coming blizzard that the NFL wanted Peyton Manning to end his career on top so there was no way the Patriots were going to win that game. Granted the O line sucked and the Dion Lewis replacement, #28, could have caught a couple of those passes. All I have to say is fuck Denver, fuck Peyton Manning and go Panthers. If I hear one of those stupid Petyon Manning Nationwide commercials with that stupid music and those pussified lyrics I might take my Barrett 50 and take a shot at #18 during the Super Bowl. Sort of like a 50 cal. for SB #50.

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