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    Palmer Standard, New in Box



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    Palmer Standard, New in Box

    Post  californiataxes on Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:37 pm


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    Re: Palmer Standard, New in Box

    Post  Mongrel on Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:33 am

    Oh my. Why did you have to post that link? I played the exact same irons from the mid '80's to mid '90's. I traded a set of the original Maxfli Australian Blades (minus the 7 iron that was lost on course) plus about all of my fairway woods for a barely used set with my then club pro. The Standards I got had been first owned and played by a young woman who happened to be the #1 on the golf team at a prestigious southern college known for its women's teams. In fact, an alumna can be seen every day on the Golf Channel. Anyway, the girl who played mine had them bent two degrees strong. Back in the good old days of steel spikes, Titleist DT's, Ultras and cocaine, I could hit the three iron 230. I seldom bagged the two iron but could hit it off the tee OK. I shot my best tournament rounds with those sticks and made good money at our standing Sunday morning skins game.

    The end came when I tried to do a bit of grinding for weight relief on several of the heads which A., didn't work and B., caused them to rust immediately. A blizzard collapsed the storage shed I had them in and they went into the dumpster. If you take a close look at the second photo on the Ebay listing, you will notice that those heads are partly affixed to the shafts by steel pins that go through the hosels. I suppose that the epoxies used back then were not up to today's standards. I snapped a couple of S300's on mine and had a tough time finding a shop that would deal with the pins.

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