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    Your early audio equipment


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    Re: Your early audio equipment

    Post  12pierogi on Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:45 pm

    You know I spaced out the chopped one looks like a mercury. The I think 53 bel air is a hardtop. The black one is a 49 Plymouth that I see once a year, all original I wouldn't be afraid to drive it to San Diego for a match with FD. That gentleman has 4 I maintain, he drives them all, different years. His buddy is a Studebaker nut. Has 7-8 Hawks. Avanti etc.
    I did a few early mustangs lately, 2 AMX one a 390 4 speed. A firebird supposed street car with a 434 small block running on e85 that may run 8s if I can get the 4 link rear suspension right.
    I don't no why I didn't take a picture of the 54 yesterday. I love them when people drive them, and there shit sets level, looks great. Drove great when I was done. But I have to rectify a problem from the drop spindles. It had cold air, power everything, sweet.

    I drove this to lunch a couple months back, didn't work on it, under warranty. Beat it. Impressive v10 twin turbo 530-40 horse awd 22s nice, and a rush. The owner was drinking, so I drove.
    I Love my lifts, I didn't cut corners. That first one is the Cadillac of lifts, picks up everything but semis, and huge huge rvs. The other lift does everything up to 30,000lbs small cars even. I have another as well. My tool box box cost as much as the new civic FD wants. It's in front of the lifts. Not including the tools, just the box. That black one belongs to one of the guys.


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    Re: Your early audio equipment

    Post  Lorenzzo on Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:03 am

    This is the closest thing I could find to a technology thread and i wanted to post about my ISP experience.

    It turned out the 800kb throughput Century Link's s.hitty antiquated system provides in my locale, with no plans for improvement, could no longer be tolerated so I swallowed the $200 install from 2 years ago and just went with Xfinity cable and a new state of the art modem/wireless router.  The hard wired audio components are achieving 57 mbs throughput and wireless is humming along at 47 mbs.

    I can hit a youtube video bar in the middle and have it play instantly.  The difference from what I had is silly although it does cost $50 more per month than useless Century Link.

    Streaming throughput is much less from most sources ie Google, Netflix because of their own throughput limits.

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    New TV = Booyaaa!

    Post  FamousDavis on Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:24 pm

    I have a Costco near me that is a "business Costco" meaning they carry stuff meant for restaurants, c-stores and other businesses. It's pretty cool. In addition, they sell refurbished TV's that I assume were used in offices. So, anyway, I'm looking at purchasing a 50 inch LG smart TV with 1080 LED and all the crap. Looks pretty good. Price is $479. 2 year warranty. Picture wise, Sony always looks the best to me but this LG ain't bad at all.

    Now I'm debating to do the wall mount thing or simply buy a TV console. My current TV sits in this armoir furniture so I'm limited by the size TV I can have. My current TV is only a 37 inch Vizio and it barely fits inside it. I need more TV.

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    Re: Your early audio equipment

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